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Well, as I hoped, my wife got me a Traxxas Slash for Christmas. We are racing these at Pittsburgh Mills along with the Late Models. The slash class is a stock class, for now, that's the way the Late Models Started out. I won't be racing this Saturday, but next Saturday hope to be racing both classes.


I converted my Mini Late Model to a mid motor car this week, and got to try it out Saturday. Because of the bad weather there where only 4 of us there. During practice the car was a little loose, but with a little tweeking I had it pretty good for the 1st heat. I finished 3rd in the 1st heat, made a few more adjustments and finished 3rd in the 2nd heat. After the 2nd heat I noticed that 2 of the screws holding the front end on had broken. I decided not to bother fixing it and just see if I could make it thru with the 2 that where left.  The car didn't handle very well and I finished 4th.  Good thing is that in the second heat I set fastest lap time.


There where 10 cars racing with us today, so we had 2 heats, a "B" Main and an "A" Main. I won both of my heats and finished 2nd in the A.