My Number

   My father raced Stock Cars on the asphalt in San Antonio Texas in 1965, he had a red 55 Chevy and his number was 24. When I began racing in 1986 I took his number 24, and added the "B" in front of it for two reasons. One because of my last name Blackburn, and second was so I could use the Air Force Bomber the "B24 Liberator" as a mascot. Every time I won a race I painted a little bomb on the side of the car.

   My one yellow and blue Late Model body has the #4 on the side because it is a copy of the car I built and worked on for Jake Ayers in 2007. I worked with him from 2003 to 2008 racing in the Sportsman division at Lernerville Speedway located in Sarver PA.