Bob Fetter
Date Of Birth: 6/26/74
Hometown: Evans City, PA
Occupation: Tow Truck Driver
Started Racing: 11/08
Classes: Stock CORR

    I was raised in Mars, PA. I started at the Mars hobby shop running the midnight pumpkin pulling truck, and continued to do that for a few years.

    I later got involved with a sprint car team at Lernerville as well as helping out on a Big Block Modified. As time went on I also became involved with a Late Model team and still work on a crew today.

    In the winter of 2008 I heard about Doug McCullough's track, and one snowy day my dad and I took a ride over, the next week I was there with a gas truck and one fishing box with some tools in it. I said to my self "wow this is a lot of work". That year I went around and started to talk to people about sponsorship.

    Let me tell you, making flyers and going around to potential sponsors, it has all worked out. Now I have a full team with a great group of guys. I am so happy the way it all turned out.

    One thing about me, if I say I am going to do something, I do it, and I will keep building.

Billy Hayden
Date Of Birth: 8/24/95
Hometown: Greensburg, PA
Occupation: Student
Started Racing: 09/09
Classes: Stock CORR, Modified 2wd Buggy

    Outside of R/C, i like to play hockey, and hang out with my friends.

    I got started in this hobby with Radio Shack Xmods, when they stopped making them i went to hobby town in monroeville (now located in Irwin) looking for a new car to replace them. I bought a Traxxas Rustler and really liked the speed, and the performance of it, it was alot more tunable and upgradeable than the previous Xmod cars I had. I then bought a Traxxas Slash in May of 2009.

    I started racing at McCulloughs R/C during the 2009, 2010 indoor season, I loved the atmosphere and all the nice people that help you out. when the outdoor season came around, I started to talk to Bob Fetter a good bit, then one day he pulled me aside and asked if I would like a spot on the team, and it was just a deal i could not turn down and I'm glad I didn't. being on fetter race team is great! the guys are fun to be with and its nice to have people right there to help when you need it.

I would like to thank: Bob Fetter for giving me a spot on the team.

Bob Baker (my grandpa): for hauling me to the track all the time.

My Parents: For helping me through everything. Even though I drive them crazy!

Mike Conors: For helping me get started in R/C

Thank You everyone for there support!


Keith Blackburn

Date of birth: 1/26/59
Home Town: Butler PA
Occupation: Owner Long's Auto Body
Started Racing: 04/10
Classes: Stock CORR

    I was born in Luton England. My father was in the United States Air Force, so I spent most of my childhood moving around Europe. I have lived in England, Finland, Germany, and currently reside in Butler PA. I became interested in R/C cars in February of 2009 after a 25 year career racing or working on full sized Go-Karts, Micro Sprints, Pure Stock, and Late models.
    While racing Karts I won over 45 races and 3 track championships. I only ever won 1 heat race in my Pure Stock, and 1 Feature in my Late Model.

    At the age of 50 I decided to give R/C racing a try when I heard about an indoor carpet track about 30 min from my home. I talked to some of the guys racing there and the next week I had a Losi Mini Late Model.

    I later heard about McCullough's and was very apprehensive about turning right, after a life of dirt oval racing. In April of 2010 I gave it a try with a Traxxas Slash, and I am loving every minute of it.

I joined Fetter Racing in August of 2010 after Long's Auto Body Racing and Fetter Racing joined forces.


Matt Frenak

Date Of Birth: 07/17/84
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: First Class HVAC/R Tech
Started Racing: 96
Classes: Mod and stock truck, mod 4 wheel buggy, Stock Corr, Mod Corr, and Truggy.

    I was interested in racing R/C after my brother suggested we get two wheel drive buggies together. We went to a local hobby shop and met a guy that told us about the equipment that was used by some of the fast guys at the local track. We purchased what he told us and went to the local track we herd about. There we met the owner and the tracks fastest racer. We were amazed how much has changed since the day of spring shocks and mechanical speed controllers. Since then my brother has popped in and out of racing, but I chose to stick with it. I've met some interesting characters to say the least and met a lot of good friends. Racing never slows down and I'll never quit.

Josh Mohney
Date Of Birth:
Hometown: Lower Burrell PA.
Occupation: Student
Started Racing:
Classes: 1/8 E scale. Stock CORR, 4wd buggy

I got into RC when my parents bought me a T Maxx for Christmas. My dad heard about McCullough's so we went out one Saturday to watch. 2 weeks later we were there racing, and we raced all summer. That winter we bought a buggy and a truck and went racing indoors.

Before racing R/C I raced BMX at westmoreland BMX for 4 or 5 years, and did very well. I am also into riding scooter where we do tricks that amaze my dad.

  Date Of Birth:
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA
Started Racing:


Barb Biagini

Date Of Birth:
Started Racing:


Blain Rakarich

Date Of Birth:
Started Racing:



Ed Godula

Date Of Birth: June 10th
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA.
Occupation: Head Custodian
Started Racing: Late 80's
Classes: Expert 1/8 scale, Mod Truck, Mod Buggy, Mod Corr Truck, Gas Truck

    I showed up at a dirt oval track with my new Nikko Rhino and got my butt kicked but I had a blast. That's all it took, I was hooked. Since then I have raced at many different tracks and met a lot of crazy people which is half the fun. The other half of the fun is the competition, and I love the competition.


Jason Mur

Date Of Birth:
Started Racing:



Joel Mohney

Date Of Birth: 6/22/62
Hometown:  Lower Burrell PA.
Occupation: Service Managaer
Started Racing: 05/08
Classes: Intermediate Truggy, Stock Truck, Mod Truck, Stock Corr

    I got into RC when we bought a T Maxx for Josh for Christmas, I bought a LST2 the following summer and we had a blast bashing around. I later bought a lot of 4 RC vehicles off Craig's list, one of which was a XTM 1/8 scale. I had heard about McCullough's so Josh and I went on a Saturday just to watch, we were greeted with enthusiasm and a great atmosphere so 2 weeks later we were there and Josh raced his first race with the XTM. I bought a Hyper 7 and we raced all summer. That winter we bought a buggy and a truck and went racing indoors. We have had some of the greatest father and son times racing together, we have really connected through this. I hope to continue for a long time.



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