November 11 2010
    The team from Texas where about 8 hrs. into their trip to Pennsylvania, when the truck just shut off. It was towed to a Ford dealership for diagnosis. The team went back home because the garage could not even look at the truck until Tuesday 11/16/10. Whether or not they will still head to PA. after the truck is fixed is up in the air at this point.

October 30 2010
    Joel Mohney joins Fetter racing.

October 16th 2010
    Ed Godula has joined Fetter Racing.

October 14th 2010
    Fetter Racing's Texas team will be heading north. The entire team of six drivers and the team manager will be heading to Pennsylvania on November 9th and are expected to arrive on November 11th, just in time for the Trophy race at McCullough's in Sarver, November 13th. Team drivers A.J. Munro, Ron Winters, James Higgins, Matt Drake, Terry White, and Jerry White will be competing in the Stock CORR class while in the area. They are expected to stay until the 1st week of December.

September 15 2010
    Craig Martinelli Jr. joins Fetter Racing making him the twelfth driver to become part of the team.

September 14th 2010
    Fetter Racing is expanding again, adding another three drivers. Jason Mur, Barb Biagini, and Blaine Rakarich have agreed to join the team. These latest additions will expand Fetter Racing from Stock CORR into other classes as well as into the Nitro ranks.

September 10th 2010
Fetter racing set up it's canopies at McCullough's R/C raceway for the 9th annual East Coast Race against Cancer. There where over 180 racers there for the three day event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Bob Fetter had discussions with Josh Mohney Friday morning, and Josh agreed to join Fetter Racing as another Stock CORR driver.

Friday was a practice day, going from 10:00am until 9:00pm. The new track was nice but very tricky to get around.

Saturday was qualifying, 3 rounds and 19 classes, starting at 10:00am and finishing up around 9:00pm. Just after qualifying ended rain moved in and continued through the night. Matt Frenak qualified for the pole in Sundays A main, Billy hayden qualified 3rd, and new team driver Josh Mohney qualified 7th. Drivers Keith Blackburn, Robby Aretz, and Bob fetter found themselves in the B main starting 1st, 3rd, and 7th respectively.

Sunday morning brought light showers that ended about 8:00am, pushing the 9:00am start time back to 10:00am. The damp morning also caused an old injury to team driver Matt Frenak's shoulder to surface, rendering his right arm useless. Due to the injury Matt was forced to withdraw from the race, giving up his 1st place qualifying spot.

Matt williard, who was scheduled to start 2nd in the A, was also a noshow Sunday morning. With the top two drivers out of the race, that moved Billy Hayden to the pole, Josh Mohney to 5th and allowed Keith Blackburn to get into the race, from the B Main, starting 9th.

Billy Hayden battled between 1st and 2nd for the 1st 5 laps of the race, finally taking the lead and holding it for the final 8 laps. Josh Mohney was as far back as 7th, but spent most of the race in the 6th position, making a pass for 5th in the final lap of the race. Keith Blackburn started 9th, and at one point was as far up as 5th, when the spur gear stripped on his Slash with a minute ten seconds remaining in the race.

The event was great fun for all, the track was awesome, providing all types of surfaces from wet tacky to hard and dry. Over $8,000.00 was raised for the American cancer Society. Doug McCullough and the volunteers did a spectacular job.


September 6th 2010
A deal is finalized for a team of six additional drivers located in  the San Antonio, Texas area. this team will be running under the Fetter racing Team banner. Plans are in the works for all of them to come to Pennsylvania to compete at McCullough's R/C Race Track located in Sarver, some time in November.

September 2nd 2010
    #1 Cochran comes onboard as a primary sponsor of Fetter Racing.

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August 28th 2010
    Matt Frenak, Robby Artez, and Keith Blackburn ran their first race as team drivers. Matt driving a new brushless SC10 showed everyone how it was done by winning the A Main. Robby Struggled a little with his brushed SC10 posting a 10th place finnish, and Keith running a Slash also did not fair well coming across the line in 9th.


August 23 2010
    Fetter Racing and Long's Auto Body Inc. join forces in an effort to make the team even stronger than it already is. Keith Blackburn, owner of Long's Auto Body Inc. will be driving his own truck under the Fetter racing name. Keith make the 7th driver to run under the Fetter racing banner.


August 21 2010
    Matt Frenak, and Robby Aretz agreed to join Fetter Racing making them the 5th and 6th drivers to join the team.


May 17 2010
    Billy Hayden joins Fetter Racing


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