Nov. 27, 2010
McCullough's R/C Raceway
Jason Mur wins Mod CORR
Dec 4, 2010
McCullough's R/C Raceway
Sarver, PA.
Regular Club Racing

Dec 11, 2010
McCullough's R/C Raceway
Sarver, PA.
Regular Club Racing

    Fetter Racing was created by the tireless efforts of Robert (Bob) Fetter when he started racing R/C cars in 2008. After being involved with full size dirt track racing for a large part of his life, he felt that there might be a way to create an R/C race team under the same premise as that of the full sized cars.
    Bob spent months contacting businesses, attempting to acquire sponsorship money to finance an R/C race team. Sponsorship dollars are hard enough to get for full size race teams that have several thousand spectators on any given race night. You can imagine how difficult it might be to get businesses to fund a race team involved in R/C racing, that inherently has very few spectators.
    Bob didn't give up, and eventually did secure some funding. After he had landed several sponsors, it was time to start building the team. He started with himself and one other driver, Levi McClain, and Fetter racing was born.
    In 2010, Bob continued to grow the team, adding several other drivers. Bob has also finalized a deal with a team located in Texas that consists of another six drivers that will be running under the Fetter racing banner.
    Currently Fetter Racing is fielding cars in several different classes with both electric and nitro.

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Nov 13, 2010
Truck broke down, no racing

Nov. 20, 2010
Johnny Cool Guy raceway
Evless, Texas

Nov. 27, 2010
Star Car Raceway
Corpus Christie, Texas


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